Yodogawa’s Princess Peach (2022.03.23)

Good evening 🌙



From today’s morning as well, I was in “Love it!”
Thank you very much. ☺︎




Yodogawa’s Princess Peach 👸🏼
I got a new nickname again 🍑♡ (Laughs)







Today in the studio,
I was together with Rena-chan 🐰🤍



The image of the two of us sitting together side-by-side
was fresh and somewhat interesting! (Laughs)


I felt reassured to have her by my side~~
I was happy ☺️





I also had the opportunity to appear in
“Hamidashi Love It!” together with
Kasuga-san and Rena-chan,
please check it out by all means ♩







And then, by next week,
it will be my last appearance in “Love it!”
as a Wednesday’s season regular.


For a period of 3 months since the beginning of this year,
I really enjoyed Wednesday’s mornings…


I am a very fortunate person…


I will always forever love
the kind and warm
“Love it!” family.


Next week, as usual, I will enjoy~ 😌


If you’d like, please watch it.




Yodogawa’s Princess Peach






In the “web Sportiva” magazine,


They have published exclusive photos
and an interview.



“First part”


“Last part”


How did I spend
my childhood and student days,
when volleyball was the center of my life, and from there,
about the time when I had to make a big decision in my life,
volleyball players that influenced me,
etc. etc.


I had the opportunity to talk about
what I’ve experienced so far.


Perhaps it may be considered
a bit different from my image…🤥 (Laughs)


I’m nervous. (Laughs)





Recently in this way,
I feel very happy to have the opportunity
to be involved in works related to volleyball and sports
which I like so much.



Watching sports too.
It makes me want to go soon. 😧


I like both watching and playing( ˆ࿀ˆ )






And suddenly, it’s Hii~







From 7:00 PM on Monday, March 28,
we will be in the TBS’s “CDTV Live! Live!”
Spring’s 4 hour special.



We will have the opportunity to perform
the 4th single “Samidare yo” for the first time in TV 🌂



When I think that finally next week,
we will be able to deliver it to all of you,
I feel nervous…




Please watch the live broadcast by all means!!


I look forward to your support 🌸







Today is Yui-chan’s
20th birthday 🎂♡


Congratulations! Congratulations!








See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono


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