1st Anniversary Live②(2021.12.29)



I’ll write about the 2nd day of the Anniversary Live〜




The 2nd day was the last concert with Akanen and Pe-chan, who had graduated🌸



Before the concert, after we did the Sakurazaka group call, the first generation members got together, and the Keyakizaka group call.

It has been a while since we have done this, but it just came naturally like it has been ingrained in our bodies〜




Consistent photobomber Kira-chan👶🏻





In their last single, it was great to be part of the same song, Mugon no Uchuu, as the two of them…!


In Sonia, I was in a lot of symmetric positions with Akanen,
so our eyes met during the concert.

I couldn’t help but squeeze her hands at the part of the choreography where we put our hands together.



During the graduation ceremony,
I was happy to see “Aozora to MARRY” again💍

As I watched them on the monitor,
various memories of our time in Keyakizaka came flooding in,
so I became a mess…


Whether it is footage of AoMari during the handshake mini live
or AoMari during the tour,
I saved every single one of those〜

I cannot delete them,
so this is how the photos and videos keep growing…



When I saw the two of them in their beautiful dresses,
I realized that they’re graduating.
It made me sad, but

I was really happy to be able to send them off like this💭




Thank you so much for the almost six and a half years💐♡

Let’s get along in the future as well.




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