Sakurazaka46 3rd anniversary project

Project Overview

Sakuzaka Central is excited to announce a new project in celebration of Sakurazaka46’s 3rd Anniversary!

This time, Sakuzaka Central will be organizing a celebratory poster project at a prominent train station in Japan! Specifically, we will be preparing a B0 poster that features artwork drawn by overseas Buddies. The poster will be on display for 7 days during the week of Sakurazaka46 3rd ANNIVERSARY LIVE at the end of November. We have received permission from both Sakurazaka46’s management and the train station to put the poster up.

Details are as follows:
Sakurazaka46 Debut 3rd Anniversary Project

Where: A train station in Japan
Date: From November 20, 2023
Ad Duration: 1 week

In addition, we are planning to send a collective Overseas Buddies Flower Stand for the group to Sakurazaka46 3rd ANNIVERSARY LIVE.

Our fundraising goal for this initiative is 135,000 yen (approximately 900 USD). Fortunately, we have 60,000 yen (approximately 400 USD) left over from our 1st Anniversary project, which we will allocate to both of these projects. Hence, the total we need to fundraise this time is 75,000 yen (approximately 500 USD).

Here is the breakdown of the costs:

  • Ad space: 100,000 yen (approximately 666 USD)
  • Flower Stand for Sakurazaka46: 35,000 yen (approximately 234 USD)
  • Funds left over from 1st Anniversary Project: 60,000 yen (approximately 400 USD)

In the event that the crowdfunded amount exceeds both of our goals, we are also considering sending an additional collective Overseas Buddies Flower Stand for Habu Mizuho, who will be graduating on November 25th (this will also cost around 35,000 yen). Please vote below if you agree to this or if you would prefer to save the rest of the funds for future projects. We will follow the majority.
Vote here:

Crowdfunding will be open until November 12, 2023.

Your generous support will be instrumental in making this project a success!

Donation details and goals

For donations, you can send it to us via Ko-fi:

Donation Goal: 75,000 yen (approximately 500 USD)
Current Amount: $581 100%

*amount reflected might not be the same in the ko-fi page goals as this is updated manually and does not include the 400 USD (carry over from 1st Anniversary project).

Contact us

For any questions regarding the project, you may contact us via the following channels:

  • Send us a Twitter DM
  • Join our Discord Server