SAKURAZAKA46 Asia Artist Awards 2023 Project

Overview | 概要

Sakurazaka46’s 3rd overseas expedition for 2023!

Sakurazaka46 have announced they will be appearing at the Asia Artist Awards 2023 in the Philippines on December 14th. This time as well we would like to celebrate the occasion, we have organized a message cards project. Buddies from all over the world can write their messages to Sakurazaka46 on the message cards. We hope to deliver this to the members through the management via the fan letters address. Following our successful endeavors in Malaysia, we’re also planning to create another oshi board to further promote Sakurazaka46 at the event.


Details | 詳細

For Buddies attending AAA, you can locate us before the event begins and write messages to Sakurazaka46 using the provided message cards; we have about 100 copies available. Additionally, the oshiboard will also be at the same location. The specific time and location for distribution will be announced on the event day.

Message Card sample // メッセージカードのサンプル

buddies group photo

For Buddies attending AAA, we are also planning to have a group photo taken at the venue (Philippine Arena) before the show starts!

Meeting Time: 13:15 PH Time
Photo-taking Time: 13:30 PH Time

The place will be announced on the same day! See you there!


AAAへ行かれる Buddiesの皆さん!イベント開始の前に会場で一緒に集合写真を撮りませんか?

集合時間: 13:15頃 (フィリピン標準時)
撮影開始: 13:30予定 (フィリピン標準時)



Contact us

For any questions regarding the project, you may contact us via the following channels:

  • Send us a Twitter DM
  • Join our Discord Server