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After negotiating, reaching the next goal means we can rent our targeted Times Square Billboard – Reuters!

Disclaimer: This is not getting updated real time as we are consolidating donations from all platforms and manually updating it

Hello and thank you for opening this page! 

As you know, for Sakurazaka46 1st Anniversary on December 9, 2021. 

We are planning to do an ad display for the members at New York Times Square but we know we are being ambitious with this project. Hence, we have put out an interest form for the project from May 20 – May 27, 2021 and the results from the survey are seen below.

The main reason why we are asking this early is because renting a billboard needs a lot of planning and money so we want to get a headstart for it to have the most chance of success. Additionally, we were hoping to have enough money 1-2 months prior to the anniversary because we need to pay for the renting space as well as planning the video and poster to put on the day of the anniversary takes time as well.


Full Report

List of potential projects

Even if we don't reach the goal for the Time Square billboard, we still plan to do a project for their anniversary with the money we collected so it will not be disheartening even if we don't reach the big goal. Below are some of the projects we are thinking of doing as alternatives and order of priority is what respondents want to do according to the survey.

As stated in the survey we are currently looking at 3 main billboards; Nasdaq, Reuters and 221. The prices on the survey is what we have negotiated and the prices at this point of time however these prices may increase by the time December comes because it is a busy period. 

At most the prices for 1 day may increase up to:

  • Nasdaq/Reuters: 10,000 USD
  • 221: 8,500 USD

There are actually about 10 digital billboards at NYC Times Square and the cheapest billboard will cost around 3,000 USD. This means even if we don’t raise enough funds for one of the three billboards we want, we can still get other smaller sized billboards at NYC Times Square.

After discussing with our advertising planner, they think that the prices for the billboards will be on the higher end of the estimation because of the December date.

1. Reuters (7,500 – 10,000 USD for 1 day)

a. Benefits: 
  1. Reuters has 1 big panel+5 smaller sized display panels 
  2. We can do a lot of different things with videos and more members can be highlighted.
b. Drawbacks: 
  1. It has a shorter ad time per hour compared to 221.

2. Nasdaq (7,500 – 10,000 USD for 1 day)

a. Benefits: 

  1. Nasdaq is the biggest among the three we are considering.
  2. More people may notice the ad.

b. Drawbacks:

  1. The display has holes so we have to consider where the members are in the ad video. 
  2. It has a shorter ad time per hour compared to 221.

3. 221 (6,500 – 8,500 USD for 1 day)

a. Benefits: 

  1. Cheapest option among the three we are considering
  2. It has the longest ad time per hour compared to 2 other options.

b. Drawbacks:

  1. It has a curved display so videos might not display properly.
  2. We don’t think it is an iconic NYC Times Square billboard.
  3. It is the furthest and isolated billboard at NYC Times Square.

Estimated Cost: 300 – 1,200 USD

(Example: Nogizaka46’s Yoda Yuki ads for her birthday at train stations by fans)

We were thinking of renting billboards at train stations mainly around the area of the group’s main office in Rokubancho. We were discussing the possible stations in Yotsuya and Ichigaya.

We have to be mindful of what we use for the ads because of copyright issues since we know Japan is very strict about this. For example, we need to avoid using any materials from official sources; profile pictures, screenshots from videos, news pictures or pictures from members’ blogs. Ideally, we will try to commission fanarts by artists or fans and display them on the billboards.

These are the prices we searched online and we are still discussing the estimated prices with our advertising planner contact in Japan. We will update this page and inform on twitter when we get more information.


Estimated Cost: None

We will be collecting messages using a Google Form and displaying them on a website with a country / map.
Example website: 

After thinking about it, we decided that this is something we are planning to do anyways regardless of the fundraising amount because it’s rather easy and doesn’t require a lot of effort to do. We will be using a free domain website for this project such as Blogspot or Blogger thus no funds needed.


Estimated Cost: 300 – 1,200 USD

This project is pretty similar to other birthday projects. The only difference is we will be organising this on our own without any birthday committee’s help. 

We are planning to find and commission fanartists to help create the postcards so we can print. The printing cost may differ depending on the type of paper/print we use. 

We will be collecting messages, printing them on special postcards, and sending them to the members through Seed and Flower office. This will ensure that the members will definitely receive our thoughts and congratulations.

Our main problem for this project is that we are all in different countries so we as a team can’t handwrite all the postcards and if we do go through with this, it is labour intensive for our friends in Japan to write each individual message.

Estimated Cost: None

We don’t need any fundings for this project however this needs a lot of concrete planning and coordination for it to be successful.

Based on the “Thank You Keyakizaka46” project, this will take about 1-2 months of dedicated planning and cooperations with all the fans. The chances that members might not even see the video project is quite high as well even if it got many likes and rts. We also don’t know if the members saw the “Thank You Keyakizaka46” project because there were no explicit mentions by the members in blogs or mobames.


Donation Platforms

Although from the survey, the majority of the respondents prefer PayPal. We have decided to use Ko-fi as our main donation method. This is because after researching more about it, Ko-fi accepts both PayPal and debit/credit card payments. People can donate anytime they want or multiple times because every amount counts for us to raise enough funds for the project.

Our Ko-fi page:

When donating, please put your Twitter @ so we can contact you if you win our giveaway. 

For local donations we will try to contact people we trust for local collections and transfer to our Ko-fi to avoid any problems with local collections. However, for the giveaway, we probably can’t track the locally collected money unless the middle person keeps track of the people donating. 

Some of the local donations we have got;

  • The people at @.zelkova46id on Instagram have opened a local donation for the Anniversary project. If any Indonesians wants to donate, you can head to their post!
  • @SerJaeger on Twitter: Philippines
    Scan the code to pay through PayMaya (50 PHP = 1 USD)
  • Thailand fans (not available)

We think that these countries are ones with the biggest fanbase according to our “International Fans Survey – December 2020” however we will try to consider opening more local donations if we get any requests. Even if people can’t donate, we hope people can still spread the word through their local communities so we can make this a reality.



In order to give back to the people that donated for this project, we are planning to do a giveaway for everyone that donated. 

For every 1 USD donation, one is eligible to enter our giveaway where “you can choose 1 Official Sakurazaka46 related item from Amazon/Amazon Japan and we will buy it and send it to you” Item price must be no more than 10000 yen and there will only be 1 winner. 

This giveaway is fully funded by our (Sakusen staff) own money and will not be taken from the fundraising.


Thank you for reading this! As a closing note, this project can’t be realised if our international fan community is not willing to work together to make it happen. If the project is successful, we hope that the members will see our efforts as international fans and this hopefully will further spread the charm of Sakurazaka46 to others in the wider international community!


From Sakuzaka Central Team 

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