Overview | 概要

Once again, we want to enlist the help of Buddies who are going to Japan Expo Malaysia on August 19th!

Sakurazaka46 have announced they will be appearing in Japan Expo Malaysia on August 19th. This time as well we would like to celebrate the occasion, we have organized a special hand banner project. During Sakurazaka46’s live performance at Japan Expo Malaysia, we want the audience to hold up hand banners with a special message for the members.

Aside from this, we would bring a cheering banner ( 4′ x 2′ )on which fans could write their messages to Sakurazaka46. We hope to give this to the members as appreciation directly or through Japan Expo Malaysia organizers. We have also sent an inquiry to Seed&Flower LLC regarding this.


Details | 詳細

For Buddies attending Japan Expo Malaysia, we kindly request that you print this hand banner in A4 size and bring it to Sakurazaka46’s live performance. It would be wonderful if you could print additional copies to share with other event attendees.

Feel free to choose whichever banner version you prefer! However, in case you’re unable to print it yourself, Sakuzaka Central staff in Malaysia will be distributing the banners as well. We have about 300 copies of the hand banners ready to distribute. The specific time and location for distribution will be announced on the event day. You can also write your messages on the cheering banner at the same location.

Hand Banner sample // フライヤーのサンプル

cheering banner // 応援バナー

Contact us

For any questions regarding the project, you may contact us via the following channels:

  • Send us a Twitter DM
  • Join our Discord Server