Getting Started

A guide assembled by Sakuzaka Central team! It contains essential links and resources to help you catch up with the latest news and events on group.


A summary of the group’s five-year long history as “Keyakizaka46,” continually updated as the group enters their new chapter as “Sakurazaka46.”

List of all the group’s Single, Album, and DVD/Blu-ray releases as Keyakizaka46 and Sakurazaka46 with detailed information.

General information of Sakurazaka46 members such as date of birth, birthplace, blood type, height, and short introduction.

General information of Keyakizaka46 and Sakurazaka46 members who have left the group.

Reminders of all activities and events for the group and former members– such TV and magazine appearances, and birthdays.

A collection of written tutorials on how to participate in official Sakurazaka46 events, and subscription of services.

Links to members’ SHOWROOM page.

Links and schedules for members’ radio show appearances.

News & Translation

English translated blog posts of the Sakurazaka46 members. For notifications of newly translated blogs, @sakurazaka101 on Twitter. 

Fan-run Twitter account that brings the latest Sakurazaka46 news to the international community as quick, accurate, and objective as possible.

Fan account that provides the speediest translations on news, blogs, song lyrics, interviews, and fan-reports (among many other things).

Formerly known as “WeTriedSubbing,” a fansubbing team that translates all kinds of Sakurazaka46 and Keyakizaka46 content such as music videos, magazine interviews, radio shows, commercials and so much more.

A thread on the Stage48 forum that gathers English translations of all the Sakurazaka46 and some Keyakizaka46 song lyrics.


The official store for Sakurazaka46 goods. A proxy shipping service such as Tenso or ZenMarket (see below) is needed to buy goods from the official store if you do not reside in Japan.

One of the most reliable online sources for purchasing official releases for overseas fans. You will earn Reward Points for every purchase that can later be used for discounts. Also offers proxy shopping service.

Japanese retailer that also ships overseas. Sometimes comes with exclusive limited novelty goods such as posters, clear files, and photocards for certain releases such as singles or magazines.

The Japanese branch for the e-commerce retailer. Provides the cheapest express overseas shipping option with DHL.

A Hong Kong-based online retail site that sells Asian entertainment products. Offers free international shipping if your cart subtotal meet a certain amount.

Perhaps the most well-known Japanese proxy service. Upon verifying your identity, you will be given your own “mailbox” within the Tenso warehouse that can receive domestic shipments. This is the recommended method for overseas fans purchasing handshake tickets who need a proxy address for registration. Tenso also provides the option to discard those CDs for you (with additional charge, of course).

Proxy shopping site that lets you easily purchase or place bid on new or secondhand items listed in Yahoo Auctions Japan, Rakuten, Amazon Japan and many more. Fees are 300 JPY per item in addition to domestic and international shipping and money transfer fees, but item consolidation is free.

Another proxy shopping service where you can bid on items from Yahoo Auctions or virtually any other Japan-based shop. No fees are taken from single-store purchases. For consolidating items from several stores, 100 JPY is charged per shipment. Protective packing options available for extra fee. Domestic and international shipping, and transactional fees also charged.

Proxy shopping site that lets you easily purchase or place bid on new or secondhand items listed in Yahoo Auction Japan, Rakuten, Mercari Japan and many more. 300 JPY is charged per order, with Yahoo Auctions and Mercari having additional 200 JPY fee per item. Guarantee plans with insured delivery and inspections available for up to 500 JPY. Domestic and international shipping, and other tax-related costs will be charged.

Other Resources

A Twitter bot that automatically posts blog photos and links every time a Sakamichi group member updates their blog.

Video streaming site that gathers English subtitled and fanmade videos of Sakurazaka46, Keyakizaka46, as well as their sister group, Hinatazaka46. These videos are are contributed by various teams and individuals in the community.

Providing high quality Sakurazaka46 and Keyakizaka46 live performances encoded from source that can easily be saved to your device.


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