Sakurazaka46 in Asia artist awards 2023

Overview | 概要

Sakurazaka46 is set to appear in Asia Artist Awards 2023 which will be held in Philippine Arena on December 14, 2023. 

With this, we would be releasing a guide for those who wants to attend this event. 

The venue is outside Metro Manila and there will be limited public transportation, so details for shuttle bus reservations will be shared in this guide.


How to buy tickets | チケット購入方法


  1. Create an account in Pulp tickets . 
    * Please use the same name as you have on your identification card.
  2.  Use the created account to login.
  3. Click “ASIA ARTIST MUSIC AWARDS 2023” found in the site homepage.
  4. Select the number of tickets to be purchased.
  5. Select your desired ticket tier. You may also refer to the seat map and click your desired section. 
    *You cannot choose your seats. It will be automatically assigned by the system.
    *You may only purchase up to 4 tickets per transaction.
  6. Confirm the tier and the number of tickets then click “Buy Tickets”.
    * You will be given up to 10 minutes to finish your transaction.
  7. Enter the name/s of the guest/s per ticket then click “Checkout”.
    *Please enter the same name found in the ID cards that will be used.
  8. Choose your payment method and click “Buy Tickets”.
  9. Once successful, an email confirmation will be sent to your registered email. 
  10.  Your e-ticket will be emailed to you by November 30th. You may also find and download it from “My Tickets” tab found in the website.
For more details, please check out the official guide.


  1. www.pulptickets.comにアカウント登録します
  2.  ログインします
  3. サイトHPにASIA ARTIST MUSIC AWARDS 2023 をクリックします
  4. 枚数を選択します
  5. チケットの種類、または座席地図からブロックを選択します
  6. チケットの種類・枚数を確認してBuy Ticketsをクリックします
  7. ご客様・同行者の情報を入力してCheckoutをクリックします
  8. お支払い方法を決定してBuy Ticketsをクリックします
  9. 入金手続き完了のご案内が登録したメールに発信されます
  10. 11月30日に電子チケットが登録したメールに発信されます・My Ticketsのページでも見れます

Shuttle to Philippine Arena // フィリピンアリーナへのシャトルバス


Shuttle booking will start from November 14th, 20:00 PHT (21:00 JST) until December 4th, 22:00 PHT (23:00 JST).

You may book your shuttle from this site:

Only those with confirmed tickets will be able to book a seat in the shuttle. 

Information on the terminals or pick-up points can be found in this site:



シャトルバスの予約期間: 11月14日20:00 PHT (21:00 JST)〜12月4日22:00 PHT (23:00 JST) 


  *空港(Ninoy Aquino International Airport)に一番近いシャトルバスのターミナルはMOA SM Mall of Asiaです。

Contact us

For any questions regarding the project, you may contact us via the following channels:

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