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Hirate Yurina | 平手友梨奈


Hirate Yurina, or well-known as Techi, was the consecutive center and core member of Keyakizaka46 until her withdrawal in January 2020. Her charismatic eyes and sharp performances onstage captivated many, and became a formidable vessel to deliver the song's meaning. In her many interviews, she mentions that she focuses on the present rather than future, and values the memory of encounters. Although the media depicts her with a cool image, she likes to pull pranks on people she is close to and is called "ksgk" (kusogaki/brat) due to it. She is often told that she resembles an otter, leading to many fans drawing her as an otter in fanart. Techi is currently active as a rising actress and has won 3 awards for her leading role in her first film, "Hibiki." She made her solo debut with her debut single "Dance no Riyuu." In 2023, she left Seed & Flower LLC and joined NAECO, a subsidary label under Hybe Japan.


June 25, 2001




Aichi Prefecture

Blood Type

Type O

Date of Graduation

January 23, 2020