Shonin Yokkyu (2023)

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Kobayashi Yui | 小林 由依

Yuipon / Ponpon

Kobayashi Yui has always claimed to be an ordinary girl from an ordinary family, but she has certainly led the group as a core member since debut. Her singing, guitar, saxophone, and piano skills coupled with her powerful performances and stage presence reflect her hardworking nature. Yui is an exclusive model for “with” magazine and has honed her acting abilities in various roles over the years, suiting her interests in both fashion and tv dramas. She is one of the members that has been known to have good ‘sense’ both in terms of style and wits. Her usual quiet, mature demeanor is sometimes overtaken by brutal sadism and snide comments, earning her the nickname “Saitama’s Mad Dog”. Despite being the youngest remaining 1st generation member, her reliability, skill set, and experiences make her someone that others can admire and look to for advice on anything ‘idol’.


October 23, 1999




Saitama Prefecture

Blood Type

Type A

Date of Graduation​

February 1, 2024


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