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Kobayashi Yui | 小林 由依

Yuipon / Ponpon

Dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, acting, modelling, writing-- Kobayashi Yui is a person of many talents. But hidden from our sight is the amount of effort she has put into perfecting each of these skills. As she continues to set new goals for herself and strives to become better, she has grown into her role as a pillar of the group. "Saitama Mad Dog" is what fans call her for her sadistic nature on stage, but behind the scenes there is no doubt that she is one of the core members who leads the group onward. Yui is currently an exclusive model for "with" magazine and has had several acting roles. She was given the nickname "Pon Pon" on Keyakitte, a nickname she repeatedly asked everyone to stop using, but of course it backfired…


October 23, 1999




Saitama Prefecture

Blood Type

Type A




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