General Manners and Etiquette

  1. Filming and recording (audio and video) are not allowed inside the venue (but sometimes the members will say it’s okay to take pictures of the stage after the concert!)
  2. Refrain from using your phone during the concert and put it in silent mode or airplane mode so it doesn’t disturb other people!
  3. Refrain from bringing food or eating inside the venue (Non-alcoholic beverages are allowed).
  4. Smoke only in the designated smoking area located outside the venue.
  5. If you feel unwell, notify the staff of your situation/condition.
  6. Take note of emergency exits and follow the staff’s instructions in case of an emergency.
  7. Be mindful of the people sitting behind you and keep your towel and penlights at shoulder level!
  8. Be careful not to hit people when waving your penlights!

Pointers for Specific Songs


  1. Please use white penlight color during Overture. Let’s paint the venue white!
  2. Please turn off your penlights for Seijaku no Bouryoku. Members have stated in several interviews and radio shows that they think having no penlight colors best suits Seijaku.
  3. Please use the Sakura pink penlight color for Sakurazaka no Uta.
  4. Drone Senkaichuu is best enjoyed with an oshimen towel since you can spin it around with the members and Buddies during the song.
  5. Aside from the ones mentioned above, don’t stress yourself by trying to memorize the colors for the rest of the songs! Just follow the crowd, or do whatever you like!
  6. Don’t stress yourself with memorizing all the calls either! It’s one way to enjoy the concert, but you can enjoy it as you like! There will be Buddies at the concert who have them memorized so you can follow their lead!



What to prepare & bring:

  1. For paper ticket holders through the overseas application, bring a printout of the e-mail received upon winning the lottery (e-mail from Lawson tickets).
    Please refer to the official announcement made by Sakurazaka46 Official Website for more information:
  2. For e-ticket holders, make sure to have the e-ticket app on your phone and upload your photo.
  3. For all ticket holders, keep a screenshot of the My Page screen that shows you won the ticket lottery as a backup to redeem your tickets.
  4. Smartphone
  5. Passport (You’ll need to show it to the staff so that they can confirm your identity when you enter the venue. Also, it’s always good to have your passport with you when traveling overseas!)
  6. Cash (Some activities such as gacha and games only accept cash (100 yen coins). Plus it always helps to have hard cash!)
  7. Handkerchief/tissues (To dry your hands after washing them and before touching the goods)
  8. Drinks (500ml minimum is recommended. Purchasing drinks outside the venue is cheaper)

Not essential but will make you enjoy the concert more:

  1. Oshimen towel (Aside from using it during Drone, you can use this to make your oshi notice you when she’s nearby! And it’s also a good item to have for when you want to take pictures with other Buddies around the venue!)
  2. Penlight (Two would be better since you can make them the color of your oshi and she might notice you!)
  3. Batteries for penlight (New penlights already include batteries, but bring extra as back-up or share with others who might need it)
  4. Binoculars (Because Tokyo Dome is huge and depending on your seat the members will appear small. At least 10x magnification is recommended)

Practical items to have:

  1. Portable charger (To keep your phone battery charged!)
  2. Foldable umbrella (For rainy weather)
  3. Train ticket / Charged IC card (The train station will be very crowded after the end of the concert, so it’s better to do these in advance so you don’t have to wait in line)

Official Goods


  1. Official Goods Booth is located in front of Gate 22 at Tokyo Dome.
  2. You can create a list of goods you want to purchase using Quick Order system, QO-kun. Please note that goods may sell out even if you have made an order list. (available from 12:00 JST on June 14th)
  3. There is no online payment for orders made through QO-kun, payment must be settled at the booth.
  4. No credit card/debit card payment. Payment can only be made using CASH.
  5. There will be no AEON Card members priority lane.

For more information, you can refer to Sakurazaka46 Official Website:

What to Expect at the Venue

  1. Fan club booth Venue (Participate in lottery + pick up your FC membership card if you’re a member for more than 90 days)
  2. Check-in for fan club members
  3. Member flags (You can take photos with your oshi’s flag!)
  4. Official goods booth (Get to the venue early to avoid long lines, and make sure you don’t get in the wrong line for Aeon card holders)
  5. Gacha gacha
  6. Prize games
  7. HMV Booth (You can buy CDs, DVDs, and other releases + you can get a free B2 poster or other lottery prizes!)
  8. Buddies!

Contact us

For any questions regarding the guidelines, you may contact us via the following channels:

  • Send us a Twitter DM
  • Join our Discord Server