Staying up late   Ishimori Rika (2023.07.06)




Good evening🌛




Right now it’s 2:15 AM〜


I sleep late everyday



In the middle of the blog relay,
I usually form a clean structure and so on for my blog,
I repeatedly write and erase, write and erase

But today, I’m going try to be myself and write it freely ( ¨̮ )






When I was in junior high school, I went to bed very early
I used to go to bed at 9 PM or so
But after high school,
I started sleeping later and later〜



I really think that
time moves so fast these daysー.
Before I realize it, It’s almost midnight


I’m sleepy
but I think it’s a waste to sleep
So I try to stay awake as long as I can








Ponytail 🐴






I’m the type of person who is always
thinking about all sorts of things
A number of different “me’s” are always talking
I also feel like it’s my personality to overthink




But, it is undeniably thanks to all of you,
who tell me you love me,
that I can do my best


∠( ˙-˙ )/





Even in your letters,
“I’ve got my first Sakurazaka oshi”
“I’ll never leave you no matter what”
“Thank you for entering Sakurazaka”


Because you say such kind words to me
When I see those words
I can do my best





Everyone’s power is amazingー!
Thank youー!






It’s not a big deal
but even though I wanted to write today’s blog content unstructured
I ended up showing gratitude! lol




Thank you very much
for the 6th Single’s 1st meet and greet ☺︎

To those I haven’t talked to in awhile
To those who I met for the first time
I enjoyed talking with you a lot〜〜


I want to become
good friends with everyoneー!

I look forward to meeting you on the remaining dates🧸






I wrote that I’m always thinking about various things, but
among those things, I try to write down what I want to keep in writing as soon as I can〜
Like things I was happy to be told, !


I think I’ll release some of it〜





Riko-chan suddenly said to me, “Why are you so cute〜?”


Reina-chan, who was there for me when I was down, told me, “Don’t think it’s your fault”


Nagi-chan was the first to hug me when I cried


Airi praised me for being a good listener when we were talking


Yuzu said, “I’m glad Rika is in the 3rd generation”


Mio-chan, was quick to praise me when she saw the pictures of me during a photoshoot


Ito-chan, when it was just the two of us, laughed and said, “Rika-nee is surprisingly funny”


Yu said, “I was able to do my best because I was with Rika”


Miu sent a text asking if I was okay, just as I was going through a rough time


Shii-chan cuddled up to me and said, “You can talk to me about anything”





It was like that〜〜


I have detailed episodes for all of them,
but I’ll keep those to myself ✉️

I wonder if everyone remembers what they said〜
Without meaning to,
Often times I get emotional from unexpected words〜
Thank you always〜〜( ੭ ˙˙ )੭










Announcement 🌝


I am featured on
Gekkan Entame-san’s August issue

I was nervous about having a photoshoot alone for the first time, but
it was very fun!



I’d be glad if you check it out ( ¨̮ )










Tomorrow is
Nagi-chan’s birthday〜🎂

Happy Birthday〜 Nagi-chan〜♩
Happy Birthday〜 Nagi-chan〜♩



Nagi-chan is always talkative and very funny
She’s someone who has her own opinions and is able to speak up if she thinks something isn’t right
Also, I often see her being the tsukkomi to Mio-chan and Ito-chan
It’s so funny that I secretly listen to them in the corner (lol)




I love Nagi-chanー!
Let’s have a great year togetherー!





It’s a secret, but
I was so happy when she casually hugged me from behind a few days ago〜🤫
(The photo above is from a different time!)





Also, tomorrow is also
Habu Mizuho-san’s birthday ( ¨̮ )

I once sat near Habu-san in the dressing room,
every word she said was very interesting and she chatted very kindly with me.
When I first saw “Start over!” on tour, I was also able to give my impressions directly!
I also love “Kaze no oto”!
Once again, Happy Birthday 🎂





That’s all for today!



Thank you for your hard work everyday
You did well in the past 10 days〜

(´・ ・)ノ( ・ ・̥ )



Tomorrow as well,
let’s not push ourselves too hard and do our best
I’ll also do my best to get lots of sleep!






Tomorrow is Riko-chan’s turn.!
Look forward to it〜!








Goodnight 🌙









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