‪‪☺︎‬ (2020.10.26)

Good evening, everyone


Cheers for the hard work today.


Sakurazaka46’s 1st single,
「Nobody’s fault」
has been decided to be released on 9th December ☺︎‬


In last week’s “Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?”
there was a formation announcement for the performing members of Nobody’s Fault, 1st single’s title song


In this 1st single,
There will be a total of 7 songs, including the title song, that will (each) be delivered with 14 members .


The members change with the song,
It’s a new challenge for all of us to deliver each and every song together




I will be taking the center position
of the 2nd row.


What I feel as an individual.


Like always,
Without being fazed by my weak feelings about myself,
or by negative opinions or words about me,


While cherishing
the fresh feelings I’m feeling right now,


To always work hard and never be satisfied with myself or my environment, to try various things,  and acquire new weapon(s),


To be a reliable and reassuring presence in the group,
that is needed by both members and fans alike.


I’d like to aim higher together with everyone as a group.


That is what I feel.


I am still lacking in many parts.
I want to face myself more and pursue it.


Right now we are standing in our starting line
to take our first step as Sakurazaka46.


I hope that that all the members have no worries,
and while holding hands and supporting each other,


we all can run straight to our dreams as a group and as individuals.


May all members of Sakurazaka46 can shine.



First of all, I’d like to do my best to properly deliver the 1st single, “Nobody’s Fault” to you.



Well then.



As the trunk of the sakura tree.


I will properly pull myself together, and do my best.

Yuuka, do your best in radio after this ‪‪☺︎




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