‪‪☺︎ (2020.12.25)

Good evening


Lately I’ve been eating nothing but mikans.

About 3 a day.


I like sour mikans more than sweet ones so

when I’m at the super market I think


“Hmm I wonder which ones are sour~”

and choose based on my intuition


However for the most part

I never end up with any sour ones!


Somehow I thought that

the ones that have strong, firm skin

would be sour, so I’ve been picking those ones

but maybe those are actually sweet mikans?


That reminds me,

Today is Christmas❄


I don’t know if you’re supposed to give Christmas presents

On Christmas Eve

Or Christmas Day


But today

I gave my beloved Pomu a Christmas present☺︎‬


I gave him toys and treats

he got so excited and wagged his tail like crazy

then played with the toy for a long time


It felt so good to see him so happy


“This must be how Santa-san feels all around the world, huh?” I thought


I wonder what I should get him next year~?






we have the honor of performing for MUSIC STATION ULTRA SUPER LIVE 2020!


This will be our first time performing for MUSIC STATION as Sakurazaka46

I’m incredibly nervous, but I’ll cherish this feeling forever.


I hope many people

will come to know about Sakurazaka46.

I hope we can deliver “Nobody’s fault” to them.


I’d like to go over it in my mind once more,

deliver it in a slightly different way than usual,

and make a few changes.


It’s because times are so tough right now,

that I want this song to reach lots of people.


I hope our level of resolve

can become a source of courage for somebody.


I’m going to do my absolute best to power up for the end of the year!



It’s been getting colder and colder lately,

make sure to keep yourselves warm, okay?






Koike Minami

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