☺︎ (2020.12.26)


Good evening


and Merry Christmas!


Today is a wonderful day

one I think we’d all like to spend

gathering with friends and having fun

But for now, please hold back those feelings.


Even spending Christmas in your homes

there’s so many ways you can enjoy yourselves

so I wish for everybody to have a fun & happy day. ☺︎


I spend Christmas alone every year

but it’s a special day when I can eat whatever I want.

That’s what I choose to do.


Today Staff-san bought me cream puffs and chocolate cake

I brought them home and ate it feeling blessed.


I normally don’t like custard very much

but for whatever reason, the cream puffs I ate today were so delicious. ☺︎‬


That reminds me


Today we got to appear on MUSIC STATION ULTRA SUPERLIVE2020. ☺︎‬


This was the first time we’ve appeared on MUSIC STATION as Sakurazaka46 so I’ve been really nervous leading up to it.


I hope our music was able to

reach as many people as possible.


We wore our new outfits. ☺︎‬


Reirei and I giving each other an air hug.


I like Akane’s high ponytail.


I also got to wear red lipstick.

I want to look more mature.

And then,

we got to appear on the backstage feed!

I got to talk with Saito Chiharu-san for the first time,

it was before the show started

I was super nervous over lots of things, but


She was so, so nice and started talking to me,

and listened to what I had to say,

She’s such a super nice person. 😳


She’s a truly lovely person

who I’ve admired and respected for a long time.


Also one more thing: I was incredibly nervous, so

there are some things I wanted to say that I wasn’t able to.


I’ve always loved comedy very much,

and I’ve always wanted to go to a live comedy event.

I’ve felt this way for a long time, so I went to one by myself about 2 years ago.


I went alone so,

somehow, for some reason, I was anxious and nervous,

my heart was beating hard the whole time,


And at that time, Nagon-san came up to perform,

that time was actually the first I’d heard of them

But they made me laugh so hard and have such a good time

that I completely forgot I was alone.


Nagon-san is a comedy duo made up of Abe Yoshikatsu and Susuki Miyuki


Since then, I’ve been a total Nagon-san fan, and I truly wanted to tell Miyuki-san  “I love you,” but my nerves took over and I couldn’t bring myself to say it. 😢


I hope I’ll have another chance to tell you someday…!








Koike Minami

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