☺︎ (2021.09.14)

Good evening

Thank you for your hard work today

The other day, the MV for our 3rd single “Nagaredama” was released ☺︎‬

Director Ikeda who has taken care of us
in many of the productions during the time of Keyakizaka,
Directed this MV.

To be able to work together (with Director Ikeda) for a production
Even after becoming Sakurazaka,
I feel really really honoured.

“Nagaredama” MV is as if a woman unleashing her hidden strength,
It’s profound, beautiful, and cool.

You wouldn’t expect from the costumes and sets,
But in a little bit of madness, the members were dancing
Beautifully and were entirely captured on film.

I felt that the feelings of each member were also expressed in the song.

Everyone sang and danced with all their heart and energy in each and every shot.

I hope that this work will reach as many people as possible.

From now on as well, I will sing and dance with care and diligence. 🌹









I am very happy that I am able to challenge new things everyday. ☺

And with these new experiences, I hope I can cherish it and grow.


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