☺︎‬ (2022.06.06)



Good evening


Thank you for your hard work today too.


The other day,
I was invited to appear on “D.LEAGUE VS Sakurazaka46 Dance Game Battle 2022″‪‪☺︎‬


Being able to watch
everyone in D.LEAGUE dance from up close
and having the chance to dance together with them
it was a very precious and wonderful time…🌱


You can view it on various platforms
such as ABEMA and GYAO!
Please be sure to give it a watch‪‪☺︎‬




And yesterday,
I was able to go and watch


Everyone on the all the teams,
You were all so charming and cool…!


I could feel their intensity and passion up close,
It was also amazing that the atmosphere of the venue changed so much depending on the team


Like manipulating space,
Dominating performances
Left me with goosebumps from start to finish.


Blinking, breathing
I was so absorbed that I almost forgot to do those


Through their heart-moving performances,
It was a day when I once again felt the charm,
awesomeness, and fun of dance


Everyone was so cool!✨


What I saw and felt for myself
So that I will be able to make good use of it in my future activities
I’ll do my best…!



With that,




I’ve been growing out my bangs lately.
They’ve become longer.





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