☺︎‬ (2023.11.09)

Good evening


It’s been awhile



The ribbons I recently found online and fell in love with at first sight.



I changed my hair colour back to white
Also, the ribbons and the roomwear with a ribbon pattern
I bought it together.





Every day has been quite difficult for me,
So it has resulted in a lazy lifestyle.


There are rare moments when I think,


“Let’s try doing something today”
“Ah right, I want to do that”


During such moments, without letting that feeling escape,
I try to do those things I wanted to do as much as possible.


Today, that thing was doing twintails with ribbons.


How is it?


It was a moment I recall for a bit that I’m a “Sakurazaka46 member”


Somehow, really.
It made me happy.



It might be a bit difficult to my best


I’m sure everyone also has moments when you all feel that way.


It’s surely different for each person.


Depending on one’s way of thinking, some can move forward with a positive mindset, while others may end up looking down.


When faced with moments you can’t resolve within yourself,
I think there are people who try
to listen to the opinions and words of those around them, digesting them,
and some will do their best to try and change their perspective a little.


And yet for some reason.
No matter how hard I try, handling myself on my own,
Has become increasingly difficult.
And now, I’ve reached this current state.


But you know


I received many messages from fans saying that


It’s okay to be in any state or appearance,
It’s okay to take your time,
It’s okay to lead a lazy lifestyle,


Inside my empty heart,
A faint light could be seen for a moment.


That’s why, to all of you too, I would like to deliver the same words as well.


And then,


To you and you.
You’re truly amazing every day.
You’re really wonderful.
You’re cool.


Let’s encourage each other,
Let’s support each other,
Let’s overcome each day so that we can face forward together.


I wanted to write with a diary-like feeling,
but towards the end, it turned out like this.




Well then.



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