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Good evening, everyone 🌸



It’s Matono Mio




On 31st January, 1st February

Sakurazaka46’s “Kobayashi Yui Graduation Concert” was held


Truly, thank you very much to everyone who have come, to everyone who watched through stream!








I had to be absent from Day 1

due to COVID infection.


I am truly sorry to everyone who have looked forward to my appearance.




I’m filled with much frustration.





Since I had to rest, a lot of the other members were suddenly asked to do something in my stead


and I have caused a lot of inconvenience and worries


to the members, staff, and all of you Buddies




I am truly sorry.





On Day 2, I have recovered and really wanted to at least be there for Yui-san’s ceremony

and was able to participate in just the graduation ceremony.


I was truly, truly glad to have been able to see Yui-san’s final appearance as a Sakurazaka46 member with my own two eyes.








And when the curtain of the graduation concert has come down like this,


I am filled with emotions that could not be expressed in words




When I see Yui-san’s beautiful figure shining on the stage,


I once again felt how much I admire and love Yui-san







When I look back to my memories with Yui-san, all I remember how I always seemed to be having fun











Yui-san’s graduation has made it feel like a large hole has been left open in my heart,




but I also think that it’s a new beginning for me.




We will continue to devote ourselves while keeping what she has built and what she has shared with us within our hearts




I hope to become a person admired by someone someday, just like Yui-san








I think that I could be who I am now because of Yui-san.






No matter how far Yui-san’s new path might be,


I will always, always cheering for you





Truly, thank you for your hard work!



And truly thank you very much for supporting the group for so long!!











I hope that Yui-san’s next stage from now on



will be filled with happiness as well.


















Thank you very much for reading until the end!






See ya

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