❄️* (2023.12.25)

Good evening


It’s Kobayashi Yui











Happy Merry Christmas 🎄



The whole city is sparkling

And I could feel Christmas season

from the clothes and expressions of the people I passed by~






And on such a wonderful day,


The 7th single “Shoninyokkyu” special edition

with Kobayashi Yui special sleeve7

has been released~!




Have you gotten your copy yet?



I’d be happy if you could take it

as a Christmas present from me 🎅🏻




And my solo song, “Kimi ga Sayonara Ietatte…”

that is newly included in the special edition

is available to stream since today at 00:00 JST!


I’d be happy if you could give it lots of listen








And the special lottery that is limited to the special edition

have started accepting applications from today at 10:00 JST!



A 5th session is added in the real miiguri

that have already been scheduled to be held in Kyoto and Makuhari,

and I have been given the time to speak with all of you directly


I’d be happy if you could come and meet me ☺




There are also lotteries where you can win

signed sleeves or special solo poster,

so please do apply for them~










There is less than one and a half month until my graduation,

but I hope that I can have a fun time with all of you until the end 😌

















It’s a bit late, but we appeared in


“2023 Asia Artist Awards IN THE PHILIPPINES”!




And Sakurazaka46

was able to receive two awards,

“Popularity Award” and “Best Musician Award”


The popularity award is, in particular, an award decided by fan voting,

We were very surprised as we ourselves did not expect to receive this award


This award is definitely a precious gift that has been given by Buddies



Truly, thank you very much!




On the day of the event, we were also able to watch the performance of many artists from the side of the stage


The prowess as an entertainer to entertain everyone present,

The dignified way in which they conducted themselves,

The dance with perfect detail,

I was overwhelmed with the thought that this is what the world-class is


It was a very precious experience for me

to be able to perform on the same stage with such wonderful people,

which I have never had before and will never have again


It was truly so much fun!

















We have been given the chance to perform in so many music shows at the end of the year!





“FNS Kayousai 2023 (Night 2)”


We performed Shoninyokku,

and we were able to perform “Beautiful” together with Yuuz-san!


There’s something that feels nostalgic from being able to dance with my whole body,

I was very happy to be able to express my feelings of being saved from listening to this song.



It was also my last appearance in FNS Kayousai

it’s a music show I have a lot of memories with, that I was able to appear in 2015 before my debut,

I am filled with much gratitude towards it 🕊️







“CDTDV Live! Live! Christmas 4,5 hours SP”


We were able to perform “Start over!” after a long while!

As we are the second performer in the 4,5 hours long SP program,

we all performed to the best of our ability

to make it exciting from the start!


We will also be appearing on

“CDTV Live! Live! New Year’s Eve Special! 2023→2024”

that airs from 31st January at 11:45PM~ JST, so please do give it a look~





“MUSIC STATION Super Live 2023”


We were able to perform Shoninyokkyu with our new costume 🎄

I was also happy to have been able to take

picture with Santa Tamori-san as usual every year 🎅🏻



And it was my last appearance in MSte

I have been able to appear on the show so many times ever since my first appearance in 2016,

and every time they boosted the charm of our songs with elaborate production, which always made me look forward to performing on MSte every time


While I feel sad that I won’t be able to receive any more MSte tissues, it’s truly been so much fun


Thank you for all your support 🕶️🎤












There’s only little left to 2023, huh?



The date and time are still being worked on,

but I’d like to do SHOWROOM stream one more time within the year~



I’ll invite someone to stream with me next time~








see you again ⊿⊿

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