「Untitled」 (2021.03.23)

“Guuzen no Kotae”s MV

Has been released in YouTube








It’s a very bittersweet youth
I truly feel it from the bottom of my heart, my chest in pain, my feelings spring forward

I thought about how amazing love is


And it’s wonderful that there are various forms of love
I thought that it should be free,



I’m sure it’s something much more profound than that




Or that is what I thought, despite being just 19 years old








Above all, thank you Riko (^.^)




I was practicing how to pet Momo (the dog) 🦮
I really did my best, and it was very cute
I hope we can meet again somewhere







I am thankful to everyone involved, including Director Hayashi


Guuzen no Kotae has become a very important song for me
I hope that many people could see it





But well,
I’m still so much in my youth I can’t quite come to grips with it yet


Please watch
as I take a step and start walking forward
in the midst of such a youth!










That aside, I was happy to meet her in TGC
She was cute 😌






Fujiyoshi Karin



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