I visited the Tokyo Sky Tree (^. ^)

I was very happy
to see so many wishes
written by everyone

The exhibition is still ongoing
By all means, please take a look!



And tonight,

CDTV Live!
3 Hours Special

It will be broadcast starting from 7pm



Opening Medley
“Naze Koi wo Shite Konakattandarou?”

Disney Medley

BAN Full size 1st TV Premiere


By all means, please watch it from the beginning to the end (^. ^)




2nd single’s, 1st Meguri
Thank you very much


We kept you waiting for a long time
Many of you have come to see us
I was happy to be able to talk to you


There are still many more 2nd Single Meguri to come
please take care of me (^.^)!





Fujiyoshi Karin

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