㊗️㊗️㊗️ (2023.04.12)

Hi everyone, KonNagi



This is Kojima Nagisa.




Recently, aside from the manager, Ten-sama and Morita-san also started to call me with “KonNagi” . Thank you 🙇‍♀️
I’m happy, yet also feeling a bit shy about it… 🫣



I wonder what you guys are calling me…
Maybe there are lots who use “KonNagi”?
Let me know about it next time~ 👍🏻




As written in the title,
Sakurazaka46 3rd Tour 2023 is starting from April 12th!
This will be the first Tour that the 3rd gens are joining.



Thank you to those who came!!



It’s frustrating since I want to say a lot of things about it, but I cannot spoil things!!!
I will talk about it once the Tour ends 😤



However, I can say this much.
The seniors are so cool that I believe they’ll make the whole nation fall in love.
I wonder how many times I fell in love with them during the rehearsal period…



I think the 3rd gens are blessed for being able to see the serious look of the seniors I love right in front of us. By learning things one-by-one from our seniors, I wish that we can show how much we have improved compared to now. We 3rd gens are just starting out, so please kindly watch over us.



Which song will the 3rd gens be performing!!?
I wonder if there are many people who know??



I’m looking forward to meeting you all. 🌸 Also, for those who cannot come this time 😭, I believe that we’ll meet some other time. It’s going to be alright. 🙆🏻‍♀️
Let’s make a lot of memories together until then



And also, please have a look at the goods for the Tour.
There’s plenty of cute stuff this time!!
In particular, the phone straps are my favorite~ ❤︎
I wanna get the photocards of Shizuki (Yamashita Shizuki)…



📸 A pic from back during the rehearsal

During this, when we are practicing a song, Tamura-san gave me a fan-service 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
She was so cute…


Happy me ( ´͈ ᵕ `͈ )♡





🌷㊗️It’s Airi’s (Taniguchi Airi) birthday🌷
Airi~! Happy Birthday!!!!
I was also happy that you could have a birthday celebration with lots of people on the day of the live 😆



She’s pretty and looks mature, but her smile and personality are cute like a little sister. She’s also a little bit careless sometimes.
The 3rd gens are already used to this, but we can say for sure that if we follow Airi around, we’ll certainly get lost on the way ✨️✨
Once I got lost for like 1 hour around Tokyo when going out with Airi. Not to mention, that time we were pulling heavy suitcases lol



Supposedly, we could have reached the destination in 10 minutes ‪(ᯅ̈)



However, her performance is cool, and she’s also easygoing and funny. This girl is so full of contradictions.



I wish that from now on more people can get to know Airi’s charm and she can become a great and beloved idol!!
I hope she has the best time of her life in turning 18… 💭💭


Let’s go to eat more delicious stuffs from now on~ 👍🏻



I’m glad that we could celebrate the members that I love.

I would like to continue building the relationship such that all the 3rd gens can continue celebrating our birthdays together! Please kindly look after us 😌



🌷NatsuChika! ㊗️ 2 Million Views🌷
Thank you for the 2 Million views for “Natsu no Chikamichi” music video! It makes me feel how “Natsu no Chikamichi” and us 3rd gens are loved by you all Buddies day-by-day.
I’m also listening to it everyday (I’m not making this up lol)
I hope it will continue to be a beloved song


Miu (Murayama Miu) has talked about the great things about that music video in her blog, so please have a look at it 👀


📸 Off-shots









A while back, in Ri~’s (Endo Riko) blog, she said that I have a sharp tongue, but Ri~ is also like that lol

And I’m not all that diligent because I’m always joking around lolol



Also, I think being impatient is one of the other things that I find myself to have in common with Ri~!
When we went out sometime ago, me and Ri~ were walking like blazingly fast since we’re impatient, but since Reina (Odakura Reina) and Yuu (Murai Yuu) are laid back, they walked very slowly lolol


A long time ago, Ri~, Reina, Yuu, Miu (Murayama Miu), and me went to eat together…


Reina and Yuu were eating like veeeeryyy slowly!
Us three were like watching at their cutesy table manner. Yuu in particular loves to eat, and she was like really enjoying the food! Lol


Also, Yuu wanted so much stuff to eat that it took forever to decide the menu lol


It’s enjoyable to see her happily choosing the menu 💕. Also, she will be very delighted if we split out the good foods for each. It’s so cute that it makes me always want to give her some ❤︎


The 3rd gen members love to eat in the first place, so as long as there are foods, we’ll be cheerful.
Chocolates we receive as a treat were gone in seconds. Even when we are tired, we would get hyped like crazy if we’re getting some delicious food.


Recently, I’ve been wanting to eat beef tongue, yakiniku, pancake, and shaved ice 🎶 (I made a promise to go with the others)

I’ll be careful not to overeat lol



Speaking of which!!!!


I just remembered that I made a promise with Reina and Yuu to hold an eating-spree party, so I’ll tell you about it once we do it!!





Bye-bye here for today!!




In April, each of us is starting something new in our lives, be it for school or work or other things, and we might be worried about lots of things, but hang in there~!!!!
With that feeling in mind… 🌸

Let’s make it through the new stages in our lives together 💪🏻




Tomorrow we’ll be having Airi who has just turned 18!
Airi always get upset whenever she’s comparing her height with other people and found out that she’s shorter.

Maybe she’ll get taller this year…
She’s just so lovely, it’s okay to stay as she is now



Lately we’ve been doing weird moves(?) or dances(?). We’re doing it in sync lolol
During the rehearsal period, whenever my eyes met with Airi’s, our body just start moving on their own.

At first it was just the two of us,
but then Itoha (Mukai Itoha) and Yuu (Murai Yuu), and even at the very end Ten-sama joined in lol

I’ll be showing it to you sometime later, okay? 👀
It’s a simple one, so let’s do it together 👍🏻

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