Thank you very much for opening this blog.

I’m Seki Yumiko 🐱





My graduation ceremony was held at Fukuoka performance the other day, and I graduated from Sakurazaka46 ☺︎




Both the concert and the ceremony will firmly remain in my mind and heart.

I’d be happy if it could be the same for you.



Truly thank you very much to everyone who has come to the venue, despite the heavy rain on the 1st day!




I talked about this in my speech as well, but it was definitely you– who are cheering for me– who are always supporting me during difficult and sad times.


I have such confidence in my ability to remember, so much so that I can boast about it.

That’s why during the ceremony, I could picture the faces of so many fans.


I will always be grateful.








The time I spent in Keyakizaka, Sakurazaka is truly irreplaceable; and I cherish the members I met during that time, whom I strongly wish to protect for the rest of my life.


I was happy to be able to do a concert and a ceremony together with them at the end.






I’ll put up pictures full of memories ☺︎



1st day ☺︎




Sorry for exposing you in Sokosaku episode!

But I wanted the fans to know about such a cute side of Karin ☺︎

I love everything about Karin, including your overflowing kindness, unexpected sides, and playfulness.





Uemura-san, who kindly watched over me from the beginning to the end.

We have always been together one way or another, and when I looked back, my first pair for Keyakizaka46’s [national] handshake event was also Uemura-san.

There is a topic that we both get excited about, so let’s chat again!





We took pictures together for the first time ☺︎

I’m happy she invited me.

She also took pictures of me with her own phone… (laughs)

I wonder if she has it. I’d be happy if she could treasure them. Just joking.






Surprisingly, we never took pictures together and so I never uploaded one to my blog.

I wonder if this could be our first two-shot?

Marino-chan and I talked about how it was possible, though we shared a symmetrical position in Mugon no Uchuu and are good friends ☺︎







On my graduation day, she gave me what I had been wanting to get as a present. I’m so happy ☺︎

I also have something that I want to give to Hikaru.

I hope we could meet soon ☺︎






It’s so nostalgic to think about how we went to pick up school uniforms and the graduation ceremony together!

I even took a commemorative picture of her in front of the school later, I was a proper guardian (laughs)

I will go to your high school graduation ceremony as well, so be sure to graduate!





There are so many that I still want to write…

There’s still many more pictures, so I will write another blog!




And, and lastly





My loved ones.

Let’s continue to always be friends from now on!







Well then, that’s it for today!



Thank you very much for reading until the end!



Seki Yumiko 🐱

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