🍀 (2021.05.23)

Good evening

It’s been raining, it’s been sunny, it’s so hectic!

It seems that rainy season will begin soon ☔️

Last month, there was a collaboration with Sky Tree-san

With the lights up and panel display,

members also went to visit! ⭐️


While I unfortunately wasn’t able to go on that day,

I was glad to be able to receive souvenir goods from Sky Tree-san〜😆

Other than the doll,

I also receive sweets and even keyholder with my initial!

Thank you very much!

I hope that I can go when there’s another opportunity〜⭐️

Now talking about last week’s SokoSaku

Since it was Sawabe-san’s birthday

There was a “King of Sawabe” championship 🎂
Sawabe-san, happy birthday

I also enjoyed watching the broadcast!

While I wasn’t able to participate in the recording,

I was happy that a panel with my voice was prepared. Lol

I could truly felt the the love from SokoSaku staff!

Thank you very much, truly 🌸

I hope that you can wait a little while longer until I could return to the show 😋

And so… I would like to make announcements again!

■From 23:00 JST 〜Kochi Hoshi⭐️
Since the other day, Inoue and Matsuri has been acting as substitute radio personality. Thank you, the both of you!

Today is Matsuri ✖️ Habu-chan!

■From 24:35 JST〜 SokoSaku🌸

Should it be BANned? Should it not? Presentation of things that you can’t stop!

Please do give them a look!

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