🐮* (2021.12.31)

There is a stylish antique store on the road I often take
Let’s enter the store when I’m more well dressed.
Let’s enter when it’s more crowded.
Let’s enter when I have more spare time.
And so four months has passed while I think about this and that.
I will spend the next year with entering this store as my goal.

I’m Kobayashi Yui

2021 comes to an end today
To the fans who are supporting us,
To the people involved with Sakurazaka46’s activities,
this year we have been greatly helped by you again 😌

At the start of 2021,
We prepared for the 2nd single
and the filming for the drama Borderless started,
but it feels like a long time ago

It’s sad how the older we get, our memories of the past gradually fade away
I wish I had lots of bags that can store my memories in

In 2022, so that each day will be filled with a lot of memories,
I hope to spend them while carefully and enjoy each day.
And I’d be happy if among that memories,
there are more days that I spent with fans than this year 🍀

Thank you very much for this year!
We will be appearing in
“Kouhaku Uta Gassen” after this

By all means, please give it a look




Hikaru and I are in charge
of the last Sakumimi of the year!
By all means, please give it a listen~

see you again ⊿⊿

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