🐳🌸 (2021.07.17)

Sakurazaka46’s Kousaka Marino here 🌸
Thank you for watching Sakurazaka46’s performance on the first day of W-KEYAKI FES. 2021 🦊
I had a lot of fun dancing to all songs, and when I saw the expressions of the fans, I knew that they really enjoyed it which made me feel a sense of fulfillment~ 🐰

Kira-chan 🐈

Hikari-chan! W poses ⚡️

Numa-san 🐟
I practiced a lot on the dance track for Ten-chan’s third-row team, and we said to each other that the sense of liberation afterward was amazing! ☺️

The pink color’s skirt 🎟♡
I love this costume but since we had to wear it only for the opening and MC session, somehow it kinda vexing 😖(laughs)

The costume for Plastic Regret and Omotta Yori Sabishikunai’s performances ☺️
It’s so adorable!

I was surprised we got rained on in the beginning of the show, but it stopped halfway through!
And it’s so amazing since that day was supposed to be a thunderstorm 👶🏻
During the encore, when we were singing Sakurazaka no Uta, I was walking into the audience and was able to see the faces of the fans which made me happy~ I love you guys~
And it was announced in the MC session that we are going to hold ‘Sakurazaka46 National Arena Tour 2021’ 👏
September, 11th (Saturday) and 12th (Sunday), at West Japan General Exhibition Center, New Hall, Fukuoka
September, 19th (Sunday) and 20th (Monday), at Aichi Sky Expo Hall A, Aichi
October, 9th (Saturday) and 10th (Sunday), at Maruzen Intec Arena, Osaka
Tokyo: TBA
This is going to be my first tour since becoming Sakurazaka and I’m already excited!
I’m especially looking forward to Fukuoka as I’ve never been there, it’s going to be my first time going to Kyushu ☺️
I can’t wait to meet you all, the fans across the country!
Hope you also looking forward to it~ 🦙🤍
For everyone who came to the venue and everyone who watched the live stream, Thank you so much 🦀
I’ll post more pictures in next blog 🦊
Thank you for reading until the end
Kousaka Marino

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