🐢🌈🌼 (2020.10.18)


Hello, good evening

It’s Sakurazaka46’s Saito Fuyuka 🐷🌸



It’s a late one… But a graduation of one of the members’, Ishimori Nijika, has been announced

I haven’t been able to talk about this yet, so allow me to write it in my blog!


I think that the fans were very surprised by the sudden graduation

Nijika’s fans must’ve felt especially sad, weren’t you?…

I’m a little worried because my image of them is that there is a lot of kind-hearted person, just like Nijika

I was very sad too.


Nijika has always been my emotional support.

She’s truly kind, and even thought we have the same age, she felt like an older sister, took care of me on a regular basis.

I think she was the one I talked to most often among the members, even including about work.

We had many symmetrical positions, and our roles were similar, so we often had the same worries, and we would talk to each other when we were having a hard time, and then tell each other “Let’s do our best”.

When I had a hard time, and cried between the lessons, it was Nijika who hugged me and stayed by my side.

If it wasn’t for Nijika, I might not have been able to continue my activities in Keyakizaka until the end.

That’s how much she helped me.


I am truly, truly glad to have met Nijika.

She will always be an important presence for me


I want to convey to her many thanks, and thank you for the good work





Thank you



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