Good evening

I’m Kobayashi Yui









It’s been cold, isn’t it? Recently.

as I thought so, it gets warm and pollen starts to run wild.



A trouble, isn’t it?




















The transfer for 3rd single “Nagaredama” meguri

was finished for the time being~




Thank you very much for attending the transfer
despite the sudden announcement 😌




It made me very happy
to be able to chat with you after a very long while




Every time I would come wearing headgear of certain characters,
but people who came started copying it and wearing one too
and I was able to enjoy a bit of dreamland atmosphere 🐭🤍


It was fun








And it seemed that the meguri for 4th single “Samidare yo”
has been sold out as well, truly, thank you very much



4th single meguri is also starting from April
so I hope that we can chat with fun again!

















I was able to appear on








AEON CARD-san’s stage







The new CM for “A new chapter” is currently being aired!


Other versions of the CM will also be aired in the future
so look forward to it~









JUNKYMOOD-san’s stage







This jeans,
even though it’s slender it’s so easy to wear,
and has a nice silhouette that makes your legs looks pretty
I fell in love with this looks at first sight 😳




It’s my honor to be able to walk for such a nice stage







It’s really been a while since it was held with audience.



The lights of the penlight and the uchiwa that is full of uniqueness,
the models who are shining on stage and the audience with dazzling smiles,


the entire venue seems to brightly shine
my beloved world was spread out there



I was so moved~





To everyone who came to the venue
To everyone who watched the stream

thank you very much ☺️



























Sukatto Japan has ended its regular broadcast


It’s saddening when a show that you love come to an end…





I was first was able to appear in Mune Kyun Sukatto,

and then after that, I was also able to join in the studio!



Both the filming and recording were very warm, it was a very fun memory for me




When the show’s final end roll was played,

it made me so happy to see my name listed as well 🥲



If the opportunity presents itself, I hope that we could work again 😌









see you again ⊿⊿



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