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I’m Sakurazaka46’s Kojima Nagisa




The other day, on 19th February, 3rd generation song “Nando LOVE SONG no Kashi wo Yomikaeshita darou?” was released so…

Today’s blog is the second “Nando LOVE SONG no Kashi wo Yomikaeshita darou?” blog~




I’d be happy if you could see until the end








Rikatan who doesn’t want to let go of the dog


Yuutan who wants to wrest the dog



The two of them are so adorable





It seems that she managed to take the dog ☺︎

And like, ain’t you too pretty~!



She smiled at me





She noticed me



She smiled at me

So pretty so cute 🎀


She’s so girlfriend





The braid duo 🌷

I’m being healed~





Those who like Shizuki~

Gather around ☺︎





Airi! Yuudu! Mio-chan!

I was wondering why this scene looks familiar,

then I realized it’s by order of name among the 3rd generation members





I hope that you can all watch the MV Nando mo (Many times) and find a lot of cute things about the 3rd generation members~ ☺︎



Thank you very much for reading this far!







See ya

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