🤍🔴2020⚪️❤️ (2020.12.31)


Good afternoon, good evening.

I am Sakurazaka46’s Saito Fuyuka🐷🌸




We’ve finally reached the final day of 2020!


2020 was

The year of Keyakizaka46’s end

as well as the year of Sakurazaka46’s beginning.


It’s been a year that I’ll never forget.


What kind of year did all of you have?





Today, December 31st, is the day of Kouhaku Uta Gassen.


Sakurazaka46 will get to perform “Nobody’s fault!”

Thankfully, all 26 members will get to perform together.

I’ll do my best not to drag down the original 14 members of the song, who have practiced and polished their performance so much leading up to this day🔥

I’ll enjoy myself while savoring our opportunity to stand on this stage once again!




I hope there’s “something” that will be conveyed to everyone who will be watching Sakurazaka46’s performance.




All of you fans,

Thank you truly so much for supporting & watching over us in 2020.





We’ve all really worked hard this past year


Have a Happy New Year!







※text in both: “I’m grateful”









Saito Fuyuka



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