#10 Third Year of Reiwa (2021.01.03)

Thank you for opening my blog!


21 years old from Kanagawa prefecture, I am Endo Hikari!


The purple furisode from Sakurazaka46’s New Years LINE stamps👘
I love kimonos so I look forward to wearing them every time✨




Happy New Year🎍🌅

I hope everyone will have a wonderful 2021


Thanks to the support of so many people last year, I was able to experience performing on a big stage for the first time.
I’m so moved and grateful for being given the chance to perform at NHK’s Kouhaku Uta Gassen.

I was extremely nervous performing on it for the first time, but thanks to those of you who sent supportive letters through mobame, and the support everyone sent from their hearts, I was able to do my best!
Thank you.

I truly enjoyed being able to fully express myself up on stage and was truly happy I had the opportunity to dance. It was a valuable experience that allowed me to realize again what’s important to me.

I’m grateful we were all able to perform on stage together again.

This year I plan to take on more new experiences and do my best for those who watch and support me and so I can be discovered by more people!!
I’d be happy if you’d watch me grow.


Now then, some photos from Kouhaku🤳








I’m happy with lots of the photos I took~☺️

There are some more, so I’ll post them bit by bit on #hikarintalk        tl: mobame




🎉January 2nd was Moriya Rena-chan’s birthday!

Among those in the same generation as me, I’ve shared a lot of feelings with Rena-chan in particular. She’s always helping me when I need her.
Thank you!!


And then today, January 3rd, is Nogizaka46’s Matsuo Miyu-chan’s birthday!🎉

Since she was another kenshuusei member with me, I’m glad I could see her at Kouhaku Uta Gassen and chat just like we used to!
Thank you for mentioning me in your blog too😊
But I wasn’t crying!! (lol)

When I see everyone working so hard, naturally it makes me want to work hard too!
They’re so important to me✨


I hope both of you have an amazing year…!


On New Year’s Eve I was able to talk with fellow former kenshuusei members of the 3 Sakamichi groups as well as with the members that were assigned before me. I was happy I could speak with them just like we did back then!



That’s all for today!

Thank you for reading today’s blog☺︎

I’d be happy if you could read the next Hikarin blog as well!

See ya later!





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