12.6 (2023.12.06)

Good evening, everyone 🌸



It’s Matono Mio




It me, Mio 🍜




When you are sleeping and go to bed while thinking,

“Whoaaa!!! I’m like, super sleepy right now!!! Let’s hit the bunk!!!!”

it makes you unexpectedly unable to sleep instead, right?




so I thought as I write this blog



Such interesting life!!!!








What have you guys been up to recently?


You guys doing well?


I’m doing fine





The other day, I wore the clothes that I bought at home, and a lot of things got messy




Will anyone help me clean up?


I regularly mess them up









I’ll upload my recent pictures

















Thank you very much


for online meet & greet!!



I was happy to be able to meet and talk with all of you



I am always

thinking of all of you





Come see me again!!!!!!!! Okay!!!!!!!!









Ramen, you were the one who glittered at this time


The protagonist!!!!






Ah, the person I was eating it with was Shizuki























We, 3rd gen members, were able to complete all ten Shinzanmono performances together!


It sure was fun




At first, I couldn’t imagine making live show with just the 3rd gen members



As we approach the first day of Shinzanmono, I felt a strong desire of wanting to work with everyone to accomplish the event together,


but at the same time, I was feeling a big worry and panic, such as “There’s only little time left until the actual show, can I really do this?”


There are nothing but hardships and how things didn’t go the way I wanted it to be


Every day I feel like my heart is going to break from the growing anxiety and frustration



I want to give back what I can to you all, and I want to cheer you up and make you smile, which has been my unchanging goal since I decided to become an idol


“Let’s deliver this feeling with everything I got”

so I encouraged myself.



I think that through all these performances, I think that we have been able to develop a charm that is unique to Sakurazaka 3rd generation members


And I feel that I have gained a little confidence in myself





Truly, thank you very much!!







Thank you very much for reading until the end!





See ya

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