#1_Sakurazaka (2020.10.18)


It’s been a while!


I spent a few days struggling thinking about what to write on various things but now even my blog, I’m starting from scratch as Sakurazaka, I have developed a mysterious sense of determination, and from now on I want to write my future blogs as Sakurazaka, so I’m going to keep those feelings in my heart.

Sorry for my lack of words.




As Sakurazaka, I want to be able to do as many things as I want to do, and I aim to be a group that can convey something to the fans.




Truly, thank you very much

Sakurazaka46 will be in your care

Sakurazaka46 1st single “Nobody’s fault” will be released on December 9 (Wednesday) ^ ^




I know this is sudden, but ExTaishu magazine feature with Matsuda is now on sale, by all means please pick up a copy ^ ^

Fujiyoshi Karin

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