1st YEAR ANNIVERSARY (2022.12.18)


Good morning ☼



On 9th – 10th December


Thank you very much
to those who came to Budokan
to those who watched the stream!!


A year seemed to fly by,
but it wasn’t like so.


We could experience many firsts as Sakurazaka
and I think that we were all able to take a step forward one at a time.


And our source of power,
has always been the presence of everyone who supports us 🌸


It made me very happy to be able to call the people who support us “Buddies” ever since we became Sakurazaka.


Truly, thank you very much
for your constant warm support.




We received many congratulations on the day of our anniversary,

thank you very much✨



The Buddies from overseas ran a video and congratulatory message in New York’s Times Square✨


I was told about it by the staff,
and I was shocked to see the wonderful video that is filled with much love!!


I am filled with gratitude towards all of you 🌏


Truly, thank you very much!!




✉️Dear Buddies all over the world✉️


Thank you so much for always supporting us🌸


We were so impressed to watch the movie at the Times Square.
We really appreciate that you all gave us a lot of love and enthusiasm.


We will continue to do our best to give love and power to the world.

We are very excited to see you soon!☺︎






In this concert, Yuipon who were taking a hiatus returned ✨
I was truly so happy!!



Welcome back 🤍




I was missing Yuipon during the tour
that I asked everyone to use the blue x yellow colors during “Sakurazaka no Uta”.


And I was also able to see the first performance of by beloved unit song, “Jamaica Beer”!


The three of them have such cool dancing, great style, and are stylish!
I was watching with excitement.




The 1st generation members took a picture together~




This concert was our last stage with Akane and Pe.


I was taking it all in while thinking that this is the last time that we are standing on stage together with these members.


I performed not only with the thoughts from Sakurazaka46’s 1st anniversary,
but also from the 6 years since Keyakizaka 🌳






It’s nostalgic how Akane invited me out,
and we went to have a delicious curry and oyster dishes.


I also went through hardships together with Akane.


Thank you for always taking the lead
when we are spinning around together before the chorus of “Saimajo”.


She is someone special for me.








Peta, who is from the same generation.
It made me happy that we grew even closer since we became Sakurazaka.
Pe is truly a genius!
Let’s continue to go for yakiniku.



I love you for making me laugh so much.
Thank you for your hard work.



The two of them truly looked so beautiful in their dresses, don’t they?



Got them to sandwich me! Yay!


Thank you very much for the two of them,
for the many smiles in the past 6 years and a half.


Truly, thank you for your hard work.


I look forward to your continued support of the two of them.



In the ceremony, we were able to perform “Aozora to MARRY” song after a long while 🌻




“Koko ni Nai Ashiato” “Aozora ga Chigau”


It made me so happy to be able to perform
such beloved and precious songs after a long while.


I am very grateful that we could perform it at the end even after we have become Sakurazaka.



When I see the past footages that have been prepared,
it brought back so many memories.
I desperately tried to hold back my tears.


The costume designer that we have been indebted to for a long time,
decorated mine and Risa’s t-shirts with flowers made from the same material as the two dresses🥺



I was really happy with their thoughtfulness,
I felt like I was able to connect with everyone.


Thank you very much ✨


Personally speaking, “Aozora to MARRY” was the unit where I first experienced the center position.
I was very happy, but there were also a lot of challenges to grow, and there were also a lot of difficulties.


While I feel sad that we have finally become “Aozora to RY”,
I’d be happy if you could continue to listen a lot.





Thank you to all the 2nd generation members who have worked so hard together with us over the past year!



Run, Hono



I am always surprised by the 2nd generation members
who grow to become stronger before my eyes.


From now on too, we hope to grow while working together between generations,
and become a group that we ourselves can be proud of.



A year passed with the support of many people.


This concert too was made possible with the support of many staff members.



Thank you very much
to all various related parties
and everyone who cheered and supported us!



We will give it our best to be able to give back to you even more in the future!



I look forward to your continued support
of Sakurazaka46 in the second year as well🌸








The episode of the AEON CARD x Sakurazaka46’s member MC show
“Yuuka ga Iukara Vol. 3” has been uploaded✨


This time Run, Matsuri, Renaa, and Akipo visited the store 🍢


I asked the 2nd generation members from Kansai to teach me Kansai dialect in a haste
I did my best while paying attention to the intonation! Lol


It was a lot of fun, so by all means, please give it a look ✨






The last meguri of the year is starting from today ☺︎☺︎



Christmas is just around the corner 🎄
Let’s have fun together ✨


Please treat me well☺︎☺︎





Sugai Yuuka



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