Good evening

It’s Kobayashi Yui

And then,
there is only one day left to 2020!

So many things have truly happened this year

As for the group activities,
there is the renaming from Keyakizaka46 to Sakurazaka46

When I think about it now, when we are getting renamed,
I wasn’t all that hopeful

There was a feeling of worry that there would be no one left to support us

But so many people come to watch us
on our debut countdown live the other day,
We could truly feel how there are people
who continue to support us even though our name has changed,
and it made us truly happy

We are truly saved by our fans

This year, live performances and handshake events
are conducted online,

While we can’t convey our gratitude directly,

I think that what we should do is to
(convey) our many gratitude in our future activities as Sakurazaka46,
to convey our resolution
to walk forward as Sakurazaka46
through our performance and attitude
even if it’s only through the screen

While there is the renaming this year,
new members also joined us,
and exactly because the environment has changed
by talking a lot with members and staffs,
we was able to understand each other better

When I think about it, this year have surely been a year with many turning points for the group, including the time to think carefully during Stay At Home

As an individual,

I was able to appear as a regular (cast)
in a drama titled  Joshi Kosei no Mudazukai

I was able to decorate the cover of “with”
the magazine in which I am an exclusive model of

The release of my first movie appearance, “Sakura”

These activities were particularly significant events for me,
I was able to had very valuable experiences!

When I am working on my own
I have a sense of responsibility to carry the group,
I work harder to do even better,
There are many that I learn from the co-stars and staffs around me
and my motivation for the group also increases more
from thinking of wanting to make use of it in the group activities as well

I hope that I can have wonderful experience(s) again next year,
and I hope that by having various members learn from various places
the group can power up even more!

In 2020,
A new virus rages across the world
and it may have become a year none of us had imagined

And the fact of how music and entertainment did not disappear
I think it’s because people were trying to keep on moving

In 2021,
hope that we can return to our peaceful live as soon as possible
And I want to support everyone, even for just a little,
By delivering songs and entertainment that could people across the world smile

Truly, thank you very much
for your many support this year 🐭



◇ From tonight at 23:30 JST
we will be appearing in
“Premium MelodiX! Year-End special”

Please do give it a look 😊

◇ Tomorrow 31st December (Thursday), live from 19:30
we will appearing in
“The 71st NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen”!

We will give our best!
Please do give it a look!

◇ Tomorrow 31st December (Thursday), live from 23:45 JST
we will be appearing in “CDTV Live! Live! New Year’s Eve special 2020 -> 2021”
We will perform these 2 songs, “Nobody’s Fault” and “Naze Koi wo Shite Konakattan Darou?”

We’d be happy if you could give it a look 😊

Well then, let’s enjoy the last day of 2020

Good night

see you again ⊿⊿

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