#23 W-KEYAKI FES.2021☀️🌸 (2021.07.25)

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I’m 22 years old Endo Hikari from Kanagawa!





It’s been a while!
After the live, it took me a long time to put my feelings into words, so I wasn’t really able to update my blog💦

Today’s blog has a lot of pictures, so please take a look of it! ✨

Thank you very much to everyone who has come, who has watched W-KEYAKI FES.2021!

This is my first outdoor live since joining the group.

This is our first live with you as a group with complete members, including the Sakura Eight.

Our first joint live with Hinatazaka46-san.

It was a live filled with various kinds of firsts!






Personally I’m always in contact with Hinatazaka46-san’s 3rd generation members, but it’s been a while since we were able to talk in person so I was really happy! ✨

When I was able to observe Hinatazaka46-san’s live on second day, being able to see them play an active role in front of me reminded me of the time when we were still trainees and I was moved to tears 😭

We are working our bests in our respective places, I could do my best because everyone are doing their best as well! I am always inspired by everyone.






And it was a live where you could clearly see the current “Sakurazaka46”, that is nothing more than “Sakurazaka46”, and where we are aiming for from now on.
It was the moment that made me think, “Let’s aim for a higher slope!”
Your support strengthens our hearts. Thank you as always 😊



This time, after the end of second day, there was a kind of get together between Hinatazaka46-san and Sakurazaka46, and at that time Tomita Suzuka talked to me saying, “We have the same lightstick colors!”, so I took the chance to ask to take a picture together!




We also took picture together on the third day!
I have always wanted to talk with her, so being able to talk with Suzuka-san this time made me happy ☀️✨
I hope that we can continue to be good friends…🥰

I was happy to be able to talk with various people〜☺️


Let’s meet again in the upcoming first national tour of Sakurazaka46!
I’ll be waiting for you ♪







Thank you very much for reading today’s blog☺︎

I’d be happy if you could read my next blog as well!

Well then!



Hikari 🌻



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