3rd single (2021.10.13)




Good evening!


Today is the release of
3rd single, Nagaredama~!!











Offshoots from the MV ☺️


To be able to safely reach the release date like this
is also thanks to all of you who are supporting us

Thank you as always~


This time, I have been selected as a center
for the coupling song, Mugon no Uchuu

I really love the lyrics, that is gentle and enveloping

There are many things that cannot be conveyed unless you put them into words,
but I think it’s wonderful to have a relationship where you can believe in each other without having to say a word 🕊


I hope to be able to build such a relationship
with you who are supporting me, even just for a litle… so I thought


By all means, please give the MV a ton of look as well ☺️



Hono-chan, Hikaru-chan, who centered Nagaredama and Dead End
was very reliable 😌


I think that in this period we could show you a new Sakurazaka again
so I’d be happy if you could support us with fun every day!!



And, although she participated in the production period for the 3rd single,
I hope that you can wait for Kobayashi Yui, who is taking a hiatus, together with us members

Take a rest well when you have the chance, and let’s do our best together again~ 🌸





It’s growing colder,
so please be careful of your physical condition as you do your activities!


See ya~

Watanabe Risa

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