5 minutes before going to sleep (2023.10.08)



Long time no see


Also, nice to meet you





Sakurazaka46 third generation’s
Murayama Miu








I think most people know me already
But for the newcomers,
I’ll do a small introduction





18 year old
Born on February 15th
Blood type O

Night person
Prefers winter
Cat person
Sweet tooth

That’s it!




One more thing,


Whenever I go to a cake shop,
My go-to choices are
Chocolate cake
And I’ll pump my fist if I find a cake shop that also sells macarons







Self-introduction over!
Let’s get closer little by little from now on
Please get along with me



Some photos…
From before the reveal
After the reveal
A month ago
Last week
They’re out of order











I have a lot of memories I want to share
So I’ll post again soon










It’s getting chilly
So please wrap yourself up in a fluffy futon
And stay warm when you sleep




Good night

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