6th April “Samidare yo” release ☔️🌸(2022.04.06)



It is finally “Samidare yo”s release date!!




I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd gen
from Miyazaki, Matsuda Rina.




Thank you very much for opening this blog







We were able to safely release the 4th single “Samidare yo”!




It makes me very happy to be able to finish another work and deliver it to many people!




This time too, we are helped by many people!
Truly, thank you very much!!!





We look forward to your support of “Samidare yo”!!













To commemorate the release, a panel exhibition is being held in CD SHOPs nationwide!




We went to visit one of them, SHIBUYA TSUTAYA!



They have prepared such a gorgeous panel for this single as well 😭





We are very grateful!!



















We also visited Tokyu Shibuya Stream!





In this very historic place, OSRIN-san and PERIMETRON team who worked on our artwork worked on a wonderful advertisement!




















I hope that you can take lots of pictures!












To see so many people hyping the release day like this made me feel so much love from everyone!


I will continue to do my best to return this favor and to deliver “Samidare yo” to many people!



Thank you very much!!










Thank you very much for reading this blog.









See ya🌺🌴








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