#92 It’s been a while 🦋 (2023.11.26)

Thank you very much for opening my blog.



It’s Sakurazaka46’s Endo Hikari.








Hello everyone, it’s been a while.



Today, I made a surprise return on 3rd YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE’s second day.



I took a seven-month hiatus since 19th April of this year, and have been focusing on recovering.



During these seven months, along with recovering my strength, I faced head-on what had happened to me and my own mind and wondered if I could really go back as I looked objectively at the ever-changing landscape of the place where I had been.


On the other hand, I always have Sakurazaka in my heart at all times as I spend my time even now, and have been spending my days with “I definitely want to stand on the stage again as Sakurazaka46” in my mind.



Even when my strength and energy were low, I was cheered up by the support of my family, the people around me, and the encouragement of Habu-chan, who kept in touch with me by phone and LINE. And so I was finally able to return to the Sakurazaka’s stage and to the Buddies.



When I looked at the view from this stage, I was most grateful for everyone’s support, and I am truly thankful to thank all the Buddies who unchangingly encouraged me with letters from mobame or handwritten all through the long hiatus.




I’m sorry for causing you much concern with how I have not been able to update my blog.



Right now, I am just relieved to be able to return back on stage as a member of Sakurazaka46 and to safely finish the concert.


Thank you very much for your many cheers and warm welcome.

And for all the many flowers. Thank you very much.



This time, I wanted Habu-chan alone to have the spotlight for Habu-chan’s graduation ceremony.

And partially because I will be making my return on the second day, I was unable to say my farewell to Habu-chan’s graduation on stage, but I was able to properly and directly express my gratitude to her behind the stage. As per the message she addressed to me, I’d like to walk firmly again, even at my own pace.



Please allow me to write another blog about Habu-chan.





Buddies, please continue to give me your support on my activities post-hiatus.








Thank you very much for reading my blog today. I’d be happy if you could read my next blog as well. Well then 🦋




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