_=^・^= (2024.01.24)




On the way home from work,
I met a cat by chance
I wanted to chase it
But Murai Yu who was behind me stopped me



Whenever I meet a cat when I’m by myself
I would follow it wherever
A common happening,




Thank you for the four days
Wonderful friends



For the real meet & greet in Makuhari,
Both Mio-chan and I became cats


Thank you
For supporting me
During the 7th single


For the 8th single too
I want it to become a period where I can
Cherish the people around me
And face each of them sincerely
I’ll be in your care










blt graph.-san vol 98
I’m featured in the cover
It’s currently on sale



That day, no matter when
I felt like I was always laughing

Yet another unforgettable shoot
Please check it out



I’m featured in
UP to boy-san vol.335
This one is also currently on sale


There was a shot
That looked like the photo I sent for the audition
That made me and the staff laugh out loud

Please check out the
Fresh-faced Murayama-san




(Thank you for reporting that you read the magazines
I received the reports safely…
I’m happy)





I’ll post the remaining pics
On mobame

That’s all
This was Murayama Miu

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