_2021🐄 (2021.12.31)

Good evening



This year is coming to an end again 🐮



In December, there was an anniversary live in Nippon Budokan,

and my cherished genmates graduated from the group.


I hope that Akanen and Pe-chan are doing well 🐈




And, from the anniversary live, Koba returned from her hiatus 🙂💛

Welcome back!!





Many things happened this year as well,

but thanks to you who always support us at all times,

we were able to get through the year 🌸


Truly, thank you very much.





And then,

we appeared in the 72nd NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen!

Did you see it?🌸




Once again, I am grateful that we were able to perform “Nagaredama” together at the end of the year.



I’d be happy if our feelings of gratitude to everyone

could be conveyed through the music.




I hope to enjoy next year even more.



Well then, have a happy new year, everyone~🎍🐮🐯






After this, we will be appearing from 24:35~ JST

in CDTV Live! Live! Year-End Special 2021→2022

By all means, please watch it~ 🌅





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