Air pressure (2021.06.20)

It’s taking forever for the item I bought online

to arrive

Checking the delivery status while saying, Geez~ Why is it taking so long?

Seriously, gosh~

I found that the item I should’ve bought still remains in cart

I just taken the liberty to feel as if I bought it already

Geez, seriously you

Gosh, what were you doing

It has become “Kobayashi, reflect on you actions”

Kobayashi Yui desu (I’m Kobayashi Yui)

Good evening

I’m glad that the “BACKS LIVE” held the other day

have safely ended

I was able to watch it in the venue

A new side of the members I didn’t know before,

Their imposing figure,

And feeling how each of them perform while carrying

Sakurazaka46 on their backs,

I want to tell the members who are interviewed about the significant of their existence,

No matter where you are, no matter how tied you are

We all have the same indispensable charm for Sakurazaka46

And the preparation towards [W-Keyaki] Fes is about to begin,

In order to show you an even more attractive group

With all the members, including those who shine more brightly from this live

and those who didn’t perform

I’d like to do my best

While discussing a lot with everyone

Air pressure

Thank you for your hard work

with the daily rehearsals, nerve-wrecking live performances 😌



Performances that I recently watched

I also went to all three days of

Backs Live

So this week has been full of study trips 👓

There is so much to absorb

I might have looked at it as if they are

an all-you-can-get at special sale ←

Right now,

I am slowly taking out the things

that I jammed inside my small capacity head

as not to let them spill

and writing them in my notebook

It’s very exciting

to acquire a new knowledge

Like knowing the name of a flower that grows on the side of the road…

I don’t mind if it’s something trivial like that

I want to learn something everyday



◇Starting from tonight at 11pm JST in “Kochira Yurakucho Hoshizora Hosokyoku”

I, Kobayashi Yui, will act as the substitute main personality

In tonight’s Kochi Hoshi there will be “Koe Iro Sakurazaka”

to welcome the guest, Ten-chan!

Please do listen to it~🍈

see you again ⊿⊿

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