Anniversary (2021.08.21)

Good evening 🌸🌳

congratulations on your 10th anniversary.
You are wonderful seniors who I always respected.


And on this day, 6 years ago
was the day my life changed.

It’s something that I will never forget
in the rest of my life,
It was truly a significant event for me.

Truly thank you very much

for your ever continued support.
So many things have truly happened up until this point.
But from here,

let’s look at sceneries we haven’t seen yet together.
Let’s make our unfilled dreams come true together.

We look forward to your continued support from here on as well.
I love you all.


The latest group picture has been released recentlyπŸ’«
It’s a wonderful, red costume


Can you see the moon…? β€ͺπŸ’­β€¬πŸŒ™β€



Everyone from 1st generation~~
I’m truly glad to have been able to work together with them.
I’m glad to have met you (Β΄._.`)🀍🀍🀍

I love you~~
I want to meet everyone.


Lastly, once again,
please continue to support us in our 7th year as well ✊🏻

photo by kirachan.πŸ±β™‘β™‘


I want to see you soon lol lol πŸ–€
Congratulations πŸ’Œ I was so happy!
Thanks 🀨

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