BAN and Sakamichi Tuesday🌸 (2021.04.06)



I’m sorry for being late but, have you watched BAN’s Music Video?


I have a lot of behind-the-scenes photos so I’ll post them📷



Should have been a crown👑




Hono chan and I love princesses so we’re both princesses ☺️🏰


Playing pretend-princess was fun〜😊♡







Risa chan’s back〜☺️

It was really cold at the shooting location so everyone was huddled up together☃️




A palm tree was planted🏝☀️

The weather was nice〜🌞





I’m really looking forward to performing this on a music program!

It’s very intense, so don’t blink.😟






And I’m featured in the Nikkan Sports serial “Sakamichi Tuesday” that’s on sale today!

I talked a lot🌸


Saka Chuー🐭

Please check it out♪


Until next time☺️




Watanabe Rika



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