Being able to meet Yuuka-san 🐴 (2022.11.15)

Thank you very much for opening this blog!






I’m Sakurazaka46’s Onuma Akiho

from Shizuoka 🌻🐟






Truly, thank you very much

to everyone who came,

to everyone who cheered for us through online streaming,

for the tour finale performance at Tokyo Dome

that was held on 8th – 9th November!!




I will never forget

the view from Tokyo Dome.




To be able to stand in such a wonderful place


is thanks to the continuous support of the Buddies

the many great staff members

and my beloved members!


Truly, truly, thank you very much!!




I was able to see lots of your oshimen towels, uchiwa,

and lightsticks!

Truly, thank you very much as always πŸ€

I love you~!!



Thank you very much for telling me your impression of the tour as well!

I cherish what Buddies think of the most, so I feel very happy!!














Through the 12 performances that started in Osaka

I felt our Sakurazaka-likeness getting stronger day by day!


I am sure that the Buddies

felt the same way.



There were so many cool productions

to match the songs,


Which song do you remember the most?




For me, Ten-chan’s piano staging

in “Jouken Hansha de Naketekuru”

was very cool and new, I loved it 🀍





There are also productions that are special to Tokyo Dome

My first ever moving stage was very fun!


Because while performing

I felt that I got so close to you that I could reach you!!

What a joy!!✨


It was such a fun “I’m in” performance ☺︎










During the tour is also when it comes time for me

to face my own performance


For every regional performance we held

I was touched by everyone’s warmth,


It made me think “I want to make them even happier! I need to grow even more!”

I think that you have nurtured me a lot!






By experiencing this tour, it made me realize how

happy I am to have been able to meet Sakurazaka

and become someone who wants to work so hard.





Carrying the many different feelings I felt this time

I’ll believe in my own growth

and I’d like to work hard

in order to grow even more!



I will give it my everything!

I look forward to your continued support!!














congratulations on your graduation ✨



You shone the brightest in the world!!


I can’t forget the smile Yuuka-san showed as she ran through the ganbariki arch made by all members of “Sono hi Made.” I will never forget it.



Please continue to show that smile of yours that I love from now on 🐴








I’m truly glad that Kira-chan tower [in Fukyouwaon] was a success

I’m glad we practiced a lot for it. Thank you.








Matsuri-chan, congratulations on being the new captain.

I love you~ 🌻

I will give it my best to be of help even just the little!








I hope that I can be of more support

to Hikarin☺︎









Ten-chan, you are my God~ I mean it.

Thank you as always.








Mii-san, happy birthday ☺︎

I am always supported by your kindness β™‘

I’d love to go out with you β™ͺ









The costume was really cute~ ✨

Yuuka-san’s stickers are so cute 🐴















on the encore of both days

following Keyakizaka46’s Overture,





10 Gatsu no Pool ni Tobikonda


Sekai Ni wa Aishika Nai


Heel no Takasa


Aozora ga Chigau








Six Keyaki songs were performed!



When I saw my name

included in the formation,

I was so shocked, and was so happy to be able to perform

it was like a dream come true.






I was very happy to be able to wear the costume that I have longed for!







On the group cheer of the 1st day, Yuuka-san said,



“I wanted to perform Keyaki songs

with the current members

I want you to inherit Keyaki songs.”




When I learned that she had been keeping thoughts such as those, my heart burns, and I felt very nervous in a good way.





I was already nervous at the time of rehearsal,

but I was especially nervous about Fukyouwaon.



It’s something that I’ve seen on TV,

and I’ve rewatched the Kouhaku performance a hundred times already,

that is just how much I love and admire the song.



I couldn’t imagine myself joining such a song, and felt uneasy.



But, TAKAHIRO-sensei taught me the story, and gave me passionate guidance,


I was able to perform in Akane-san’s position

I learned a lot from watching Akane-san’s cool videos where she gave her best many times.




I was right behind Yuuka-san during the performance

and while etching Yuuka-san’s valiant figure into my mind

I was able to give it my all for the song that I admire

I was really happy at that time.






truly, thank you very much


for taking me to the place that I dreamed of

that is Tokyo Dome


for giving me the chance to perform the song I admire together with you.


I love both Keyakizaka46 and Sakurazaka46.




Yuuka-san was beautiful until the very end.

And Yuuka-san will continue to be beautiful from now on as well!




I am truly glad

to have been able to meet Yuuka-san.



Truly, thank you very much for everything until now.

I’d like to continue to meet you.





I will always love you 🀍




















Thank you very much for reading until the very end!







Please continue to give your support to Sakurazaka46 🌸






































































Akipo 🐟


















You’ve been caught in a 54cm deep swamp

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