Boku no Dilemma ・ Shakan Kyori (2022.03.30)



I’m Moriya Rena 🍒
From Sakurazaka46


When I noticed the pretty, beautiful sakura blossoms, they were already in full bloom.
I wasn’t able to see the flower buds this year, so it definitely feels like it happened in the blink of an eye


They’re really so pretty and I want to watch them forever while holding a stick of dango ー🌸🍡






The other day, the MV for Risa-san’s center song, “Boku no Dilemma” was released🌲





Has everyone watched it yet??










It’s a song with all members participating.
A precious song where we can perform together with Risa-san and Aoi-san for the last time.




No matter how many times I watch it, my chest always becomes tight…














I took a picture of Ten-chan who always takes pictures of us ♡
Ahh! That picture is in her camera.








And yesterday.


The MV for Hikaru-chan’s center song,
“Shakan Kyori” was released🚘


Have you seen it yet?


Please be sure to listen to it many times〜


















Starting today, 30th March
“Samidare yo (Special Edition)”
is available for streaming and download on various platforms ♪



There are 7 songs total including songs that have not been revealed yet


Have you listened to them yet??



Please be sure to listen to them☺️












See ya〜




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