Enthusiasm (2021.06.15)

It’s been a while. ☁️
I’m sorry I haven’t been updating my blog.
Finally, BACKS LIVE will start tomorrow
I was reminded of how much support and help I had received from the members.
Their presence is a big influence on me.
I feel truly thankful.
















(I’ve put a lot of photos~ ^ ^)
The time I spend preparing for an exciting live with the member and all those who are involved,
It’s currently the happiest moment for me to experience everyday.
Lastly !
In today’s issue of Nikkan Sports
I was featured in “Sakamichi Tuesday”
I’ve told you about my feelings on BACKS LIVE
By all means, please accept these feelings ^ ^
To everyone who will be at the venue,
Please be careful out there!
To finally be able to be in the same space and share everything (with the fans).
I am truly happy.
Let’s unleash the power we have built up in each other with everything we got!
To everyone who will be watching online,
I will bring the excitement from the venue to you!
I’ll do my best to fully take in the feelings of everyone’s yells (cheers), and the penlights you are waving through the screen
Let’s have fun together!
Thank you always!!
Takemoto Yui

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