Excited (2021.03.28)



I am late but,
the 1st single Meet & Greet and
all the events are over.

Until the very end,
Thank you very much☺️!


It’s a different format from what we had before but
we are really grateful that
we were able to do Mini Live and Handshakes.


The events are possible because of
the people who came and watched them.

Thank you very much for this
fun time😽🤍


I am truly grateful to be able to appear in various music shows
together with the songs included in Nobody’s fault.
It was a learning experience (´-`) .。oO


I’ll do my best
to make the 2nd single more enjoyable
and more exciting
to everyone!!



Today, March 28, from 20:00 JST
Hikari TV’s “Daisuki! Sakurazaka46”

will have its 2nd episode broadcasted!

It was really a fun recording,
everyone laughed their hearts out ( ˆᴗˆ )


It might be rare now…
Seeing the 1st single uniforms

I wore the performance uniform many times but
once the uniform is changed, I almost never get a chance to wear it again,,



During this recording, my hair is so bright〜〜



And, this time again, today, from 22:00 JST
In BS Sky PerfectTV!, “MTV Inside: Sakurazaka46”

will have the 3rd episode broadcasted!!

We will be in your care 🗻


After that, late at night, there is SokoSaku!



It’s a day full of Sakurazaka~
I am so happy~

Let’s have fun ٩( ‘ω’ )و



See You!
Sakurazaka46’s Tamura Hono

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